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Phil "Peef" Sadow
[ peef at mindfart d0t c0m ]
Phil "Peef" Sadow is a multi-disciplined "Artgineer" creating diverse works with Light, Mechanics, end Electronics. He specializes in complex computerized control systems that are so often becoming essential ingredients of modern art; and even serve as the spine of many emergent new forms. He is well-known as a valuable catalyzer when working with others to bring an idea from dream to reality. "Where there is a Why, there is a Way!"
Kirsten Stromberg
[ kirstenstromberg at hotmail d0t c0m ]
Kirsten Stromberg is an interdisciplinary artist whose work questions the nature of power structures and addresses issues of identity, sexuality, and love. Currently she is working on a series of portraits which deal with duality and the projection of unspoken desires which create cycles of consumption and conquest in western culture She received her BA in fine arts and electro-acoustic music from Dartmouth College. For 4 years she assisted Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky at the Lorenzo de'Medici Institute of Art in Florence, Italy teaching drawing, painting, mixed media and experimental music. She is presently completing her MFA from JFKU in Arts and Consciousness Studies.
Mary Lamboley
[ maryboli at yahoo d0t c0m ]
Mary Lamboley looks into cultural patterns through the cycles and traces of nature. Particularly, through the overlapping of habit and habitat, she pays hommage to the wild, the domesticated and the extinct. She received her BFA at the University of Kansas in 1997 and studied in Tuscany under South African artists, Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky beginning in 1994. She is currently working towards her MFA in Arts and Consciousness from JFKU, and will be having her Final Thesis Exhibition from February 2 - 17th, 2004.
Elizabeth Dougherty
[ elizd at elizd d0t c0m ]
Elizabeth Dougherty is a multi-media artist currently focusing on functional metal art. As the unique beauty of so many household has been lost in mass-production, Dougherty's work provides the opportunity to enliven a space with the energy of original design. Her unusual candlesticks, lamps, fountains, music stands and trivets are created by combining found metal pieces, steel and copper with light and water.
[ d at sunbrothers d0t c0m ]
Sunbrothers has been making solar powered sculpture since 1995. We make copper plants, with handblown glass flowers. During the day, solar panels in the leaves charge the plant up. At night, the flowers glow, fade, and change color. To date, our work has included sunflowers, climbing pea vines, corn stalks, and lots of roses and rose bushes. We're looking forward to displaying a few roses, and meeting visitors, at this Xian Studios event!
Jeremy Lutes
[ tritical at speakeasy d0t net]
Heroes: Caractacus Potts, Hundertwasser, Willie Wonka, Lao Tse, Philip Lutes
Colors: Indigo, Violet, Fire Red (Rosco #19)
Tools: LEGO, spot welder, spoon, cross-assembler
Flavors: tamarind, calamata olive, pistachio, fresh dill, tangerine
Textures: velvet, pine, goose down
Sounds: wind in tall trees, burps, rain on a tin roof, viola da gamba
Scents: freshly cut wood, wild mint, jasmine
Michael Christian
[ mc at michaelchristian d0t c0m ]
Corey Hitchcock
[ corey at hitchcock-presents d0t c0m ]
Corey Hitchcock is a necessarily eclectic native San Franciscan and now a Berkeley painter, printmaker, assemblage artist working toward her MFA in JFKU's Arts and Consciousness Program. She has also attended the SFAI and SJSU, run a private press (Wild Hare Press) and been an artist in residence at KALA Institute. She is currently interested in combining energy work with three dimensional objects in interactive projects.
Mina Hansen
[ minahansen at netscape d0t net]
Mina's custom leather wristbands and collars are unique pieces created for individuals with intention of shamanic empowerment. Each piece is handmade with ornamental snaps, fine leather, hand dyed symbols, alligator accents, and more. Mina is available for custom designs and commissions.
[ melodiadesigns01 at hotmail d0t c0m ]
Melodia clothing is urban tribal wear that emphasizes form and movement both with and beyond the shape of the body. Her new line of pants fuses a wide range of interesting fabrics, creating a comfortable and sexy original look that at times defies gravity.
Jessica McEwan
[ jessieqqq at hotmail d0t c0m ]
Jessica McEwan is a metal artist who uses traditional blacksmithing techniques fused with more modern metal working practices. She enjoys creating decorative functional works as well as sculptural pieces.
Justin Young
[ justinyoungart at yahoo d0t c0m ]
Justin Young is a multimedia artist with works ranging from video installation to monumental steel sculpture. His works is based on concepts such as; evolution, genetics, and the preservation of memory.
Phoebe Durland
[ phoebe at tawapa d0t c0m ]
Phoebe's work is strongly influenced by an interest in indigenous culture and tradition. Tawapa is an extensive line of larger guage body jewelry fabricated from natural materials such as horn, bone, and stone and inspired by the native people she comes in contact with throughout her travels. The photographs reflect these interactions, the sentiments of the people, and a timelessness of a more traditional culture.
Isabelle François
[ izzyfrancois at hotmail d0t c0m ]
Isabelle François is a metal artist with additional interest in painting and other sculptural mediums. Her work focuses on creating organic and primitive sculptures that stimulate one's vision, senses and instincts. The purpose of her unsophisticated basic visual art is to contrast with the concept of intellectual stigma that is present in a given era.
Erin Rose
[ erose at stanford d0t edu]
Orion Fredericks
[ ofredericks at hotmail d0t c0m ]
Orion Fredericks approaches sculpture as a form of language. Manifesting his communication with materials such as metal, glass, fiber, plastics, recycled materials, paper, pigments, water, sound, fire and light. With this language, the observer is provided with new tools of sensory awareness. Orion has shown throughout the US.

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